Natural Materials

Your jewelry may not look exactly like the piece that is pictured on our website or social media accounts. Natural stone, gems, pearls, etc. are so beautiful because variations are to be expected, no two pieces are alike. The same can be said for handmade items, each piece is truly unique and should be celebrated for its imperfect qualities. 

What size/length should I order?

Please visit our sizing page for more information. 

Can I change or cancel my order once it is placed?

We begin processing your order as soon as possible, therefore we do not allow any changes or cancellations to orders once they have been placed. Please BE CAREFUL during the ordering process to be sure you are purchasing the correct item and double check any personalized or custom pieces for accuracy. 

Processing & Production Time

Orders typically take 1-5 business days to be made and processed, depending on the type of item you ordered. Please keep in mind that processing times are only an estimate and may take additional business days during high volume times such as new releases, holidays, sales, etc. Also keep in mind that we are a small business, our pieces are made to order and some pieces take significantly longer to process than others. 

What if I want to talk to a person?

We would love to hear from you! We also totally get that sometimes you just need to talk to a real human about certain things. You can contact us by email with any questions, concerns, feedback, ideas, etc. Our customer service hours and contact information are listed on our contact page. 


What is gold-filled?

In terms of quality, gold filled is just a step down from solid gold, which makes it an excellent and more affordable alternative to solid gold. It has a thick layer of gold pressure bonded to the core which results in a piece that has significantly more gold than plated jewelry alternatives and doesn't tarnish quite as easily. If cared for properly, it should last for years. 

How should I care for my jewelry?

To ensure the longevity of your new jewelry, avoid wearing them when sleeping, exercising, showering, or in the ocean, swimming pools, or hot tubs. Avoid contact with any liquids and/or chemicals such as saltwater, chlorine, hairspray, lotions, oils, perfumes, makeup, sunscreen, etc. Keep your jewelry as dry as possible and away from humidity and sweat. Your jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. 

Take care of your jewelry after each wear by gently wiping pieces with a soft, non scratch cloth. If you feel your piece has product on it or that you have been especially sweaty that day, or your piece just needs a deeper clean, you can give it a quick rinse in lukewarm water and gently dry and wipe clean with a soft, non scratch cloth. You can carefully wash with mild soap and warm water every now and then. 

Always make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing it. We recommend storing your jewelry clean, in a low humidity environment and in something airtight. Less airflow means less chance for tarnish. 

Every person's unique body chemistry can interact differently with certain metals and plating. Gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry will naturally fade over time. Cali Rose Moon LLC is not responsible for natural wear and/or any reaction you and your skin may have to our products. 


What is your shipping policy?

You can read our entire Shipping Policy here

Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time. 

My package was lost or stolen.

If your package is lost, missing, or marked "Delivered" but you are unable to locate it, please contact the shipping carrier. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

What is your return policy?

You can read our entire Exchange & Return Policy here

What items are non-returnable?

All earrings, custom or personalized items, fine jewelry, sale items and damaged items are not returnable. Ineligible items that are returned to us will not be accepted. You can read our entire Exchange & Return Policy here