Rose and Marie, daughter and mother, are happiest when creating. Whether they're photographing new places, painting, or making jewelry, creating energizes them and lifts their spirits.

Through years of debilitating pain, inflammation, and weakness so intense she could barely walk up a flight of stairs, Rose completely immersed herself in creative hobbies. On good days she would make jewelry or venture outside to take photographs of things she thought were beautiful, on her bad days she would dream up jewelry designs and think of new places she wanted to take pictures of.

During these years, while a mystery illness controlled her life, her and Marie would dream of opening their own jewelry boutique. On days where Rose was too weak and tired to put makeup on or to style her hair the way she wanted to, she could always handle putting on jewelry. It was inspiring to them how something as small and simple as putting on a pair of earrings you love or a necklace that means something to you could brighten your entire day, how it could make you feel so much more beautiful, put together and happy. They really wanted to inspire this feeling for other women as well, while doing something they love everyday.